Part 21 - Exercise: I Love Cupcakes App

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The Discussion

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    I just want to say two things.

    I love your series. As a medium C# coder it is very understandable, when I have never worked with Windows Phone or XAML applications.

    However I don't like this particular video, when you just hardcoded some text whenever you wanted. You made your first bigger app so unmanageable that it realy sets bad example for beginning coders which I fortunately am not.

    But over all, great work.

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    Hello Bob,

    Thank you very much for your series. It's really is a great starting point to develop WP apps and this complete example is very interesting and relevant for what I have in my mind for my first app.


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    This is a great series.  I just have to poke you for the title of the slides being "I love Cupcapes".  Are these some kinda super Cupcakes?

    Thought you'd like a chuckle.


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    Why do we need this line of code? I saw a similar one in HubPage.xaml.cs as well but couldn't figure out the purpose of it.

     this.defaultViewModel["Item"] = item;

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    Hello bob,

    I have a silly problem (I know that),I am unable to copy the pictures and mp4 files to Assets folder...I mean the paste option is disabled..could you please help me out...I 'm stuck right there ...

    Thanks in advance

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    Okay Sir,

    i managed to copy the folders from assets by closing Visual Studio and
    pasting audio and videos files in the assets folder of the app ...but in the visual studio it doesnt show any video files even though they are visible in the assets folder in windows explorer and not only assets paste option is disabled to all the folders in solution explorer

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi! Firstly, congratulations on the great series.
    I have a doubt, how do you enable the hub to roll back to the first section after the last section, you know, like a cycle?

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    ngacha ian

    hello, everytime I make changes to the json it does not present the data the way I want, I want it to align data in rows... how do I go about that and thanks in advance

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    Hi Bob, really great!

    One question:
    When using the Hub template i had a strange experience. I tried to implement a zooming for a displayed Image. But for some strange reason the needed Events e.g "ManipulationStarted" were not fired. I tried them with an app based on a simple app template and the Events come. But using the hub-template they don't come. I get no compilation Errors, it simply does not work. Any clue?


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    Hi Bob,

    Great videos but I have a problem that Sourabh also has mentioned above that I too am unable to copy and paste the pictures in the Assets folder as the Paste option is always disabled. Hope you can help.


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    I have followed Bob's earlier series for Windows Phone 8 development & there he explained and taught concepts with passion and zeal. And that series was really good.
    But this series has been a big disappointment so far. This time around he is just trying to wrap things up and looks like he's forced to do these lessons.

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