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The Discussion

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    in 25:05 you created public method in class Ritual for adding current date to collection.
    And in 25:19 you have a method that takes ritual, searches collection of rituals, finds ritual from parameter and then calls method AddDate on that found ritual.
    My question is: Why do you search for reference for ritual, when you already have that reference from parameter? You could just do "ritual.AddDate()" where "ritual" is from parameter of that method, couldn't you?


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    Robert Roeder

    Hi Bob,

    Question, several of the classes you have created in this series use async void. This in my opinion is a very bad practice, you should always return a task unless the async void is part of s sealed class or you have no choice. There are a couple wonderfull channel 9 series by Lucian Wischik shows why this should not be done.


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    Hi Bob

    I started working through your Windows Phone 8 series when this series was published and have now picked this series up.

    I just wanted to say that this video (albeit a little faster than the previous videos) has been very useful. Its brought together a lot of the concepts you introduced earlier and has been easy to work through as an absolute beginner like me.

    As an added bonus this has also been the funniest video by far!

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