Part 29 - Exercise: The Map Notes App

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The Discussion

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    I wanted to test and see how this worked on my phone, but no xap file is created after building.

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    Couldn't make the "Delete" command work at all :(
    It doesn't delete the note

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    Justin B


    I've been following along and have successfully created the mapNotes app with your guidance. I've learned a lot just by following through the lessons.

    However, I would like to go above and beyond and create a slightly different version of this app for myself. With that being said, I'm currently stuck on this other project. I am simply trying to make this app so that it will automatically record and log GPS points in a background task, that way the application doesn't have to be on the screen for it to be automatically recording points and logging them to a list.

    How would I go about doing this? I've been trying really hard to research background tasks for windows phone 8.1 and the info I'm coming across is very confusing and hard to implement in my own way.
    Please help!!

    Thanks for reading,

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