Part 3 - Introduction to XAML

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    Hey Bob. Thanks for the great video. I really liked the slight, but great improvement over explaining the namespaces. The previous Windows Phone 8 development video really confused me when it came to explaining the namespaces and the fact that they were in URL format rather than the typical C# "namespace.class" type.

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    I like videos with English subtitles or with the description mentioned in these series as they are easy to understand and easy to remember . Thanks BOB and Channel9 for providing the descriptive texts.

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    Thanks Bob for this Great Tutorials (a) :D

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    Great Tutorials, Thanks Bob

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    hi Bob.My computer use window 8 profes.if it can run app which i code app for windowphone ?

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    thanks Bob. do you suggest any source to learn XAML completely?

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    When did you grew this nice beard..
    or Perhaps I watched your old videos..:P
    Each and every video of yours is awesome..Great learning Exp.

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    hey bob u dib a gr8 job....... no words .hats off!!!!!!

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    Hi Bob,

    one question that remains for me. what is the difference from property "name" from "x:Name" which one I should use when I will reference the object in my C# code? 

    is there cases that I should x:name instead of name? (or vice-versa)



    Really enjoy your series:D

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    Look, if u wanna use it in C#, u gotta use x:Name.

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    Hi Bob and classmate guys!.
    that is a fantastic series. i code in visual studio for 7 years and last year migrate to android developing but i really missed VS and come back to home!
    i have some issue while run project on phone emulator:
    phone emulator run at all but while the project want to deploy it's failed and i got an error
    "Error    1    Error : DEP6100 : The following unexpected error occurred during boostrapping stage 'Downloading package '7123B57E-F819-4B1E-8EE2-677E10756394'':
    FileNotFoundException - The system cannot find the file specified.
    somebody help me to solve this problem.
    visual studio 2014 update 4.
    win 8.1 pro 64bit with last updates.
    i uninstall firewall and antivirus and i really confused about it.

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    Amar Maharjan

    Dude you are doing great job!
    Great Tutorial. Thanks!!!

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    Thanks Bob,You're the best teacher!

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    thanks bob learned a lot!!!!

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