Part 29: Filtering the Results by Keyword

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The Discussion

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    I've run into a new issue related to the images displayed. All I receive for any kind of search, keyword or not, is a bunch of images in white with text in all kinds of different languages reading "This image or video is currently unavailable."

    Any ideas on what's up?

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    @RandomAlec: yeah, that happens depending on the image size with certain images on flickr.  At a certain point, we get past "beginner" which then will make explaining stuff at the level we want to for this series too hard. Flickr API may have a way to know what image sizes are available but I never dug that deep as it would add in another layer of complexity [see first point].

    The apps we picked were fun, real life examples that would be functional and expandable.  If you want to add in that extra layer of detection, we'd love to know how you did it!

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