Part 35: Where to go from here

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Congratulations, you made it to the end of another video series. That's no small task—it took a lot of commitment to do that, not to mention time and attention, but hopefully you enjoyed the series and were compiling ideas for building your own apps and gaining confidence—not to mention the knowledge of the API, the techniques for working in the Visual Studio IDE and the Phone Emulator, and so on.

Moving forward, I recommend a few things ...

  1. Stay on top of updates with the Windows Phone blog:   ... I just realized I hadn't been there in a few days and there was a great promotion that I'm going to take advantage of when I finish recording this video. It contains the news and updates you'll want to know about straight from Microsoft.

    Also, the great WPCentral site:  ... will keep you abreast of new devices and apps that come out for the platform.

    Also, more pertinent to this series, the Windows Phone Developer blog:
  2. To continue your learning, check this out:

    What's new in Windows Phone SDK 8.0 

    It gives a great overview of many of the new and advanced features.
  3. If you haven't already, you'll want to get a Phone Developer Center Membership. It will take a while for verification through Symantec, even longer if you're like me and have a tiny business with no history with Dun & Bradstreet or a phone number you want made public.
  4. If you haven't done so already, you'll want to get a Windows Phone 8 device. I highly recommend the Lumia 920 ... I've been using mine for about a month. And I'm just an individual here—I don't speak on behalf of Microsoft when I say that I'm no stranger to the devices of other manufacturers and platforms of other companies—but this phone and the ecosystem around it, including the apps, the Surface, and my new over-powered Windows 8 computer have been a blast. I love pinning tiles and seeing them update with new information. I love the built-in Skydrive support, especially in OneNote and Office for the Windows Phone 8. And the camera is awesome.  And I've never owned a Nokia product before, but I'm really impressed with the phone itself and, moreover, with the dedication to the Windows Phone 8 platform.
  5. So, my last recommendation is the program at Nokia. 

    They are incentivizing developers to create apps and register them on the site to win prizes through a currency called DVLUP Reward Points. You can trade them in to get free phones, advertisements, or special placement in the store. They also have challenges ... at this moment, they have 42 challenges running. Complete the challenge and depending on the complexity of the challenge you earn points.

I want to sincerely thank Randy Arnold, who is a Nokia Developer Ambassador in my area, for taking me under his wing and explaining Nokia's strategy, showing me how DVLUP works and why it's a great opportunity for developers as well as how it supports the Windows Phone 8 platform.

I want to thank Larry Lieberman and Desiree Lockwood for their support in getting me the assets I needed for this series.

As always, thanks to Golnaz and Dan Fernandez because they're always awesome.

And most of all, thanks to Clint Rutkas who is "the man". Not only did he do most of the heavy lifting up front by building these great apps, which we had the pleasure of learning from, he also patiently answered over a hundred emails from me asking for help and guidance as I was learning the new features of the Windows Phone 8 as well as his approach and thought process as he set out to build these apps. It was a valuable learning experience for me, and hopefully for you, too.

If you like what we did here and want more like it, make sure you let Channel 9 and Microsoft know. They will get you the resources you want.

And if you liked this series, there's plenty more where this came from. Please take 3 minutes to check out my website:


... where I have tons of video training just like this on a wide variety of .NET topics.

Finally, thank you for your kind attention and as we part ways I sincerely wish you the best. Let me know what you've built—I'd love to check it out. If I can ever help, email me at:

Thank you.

Source Code:
PDF Version:



The Discussion

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    Fantastic series Bob, many thanks to you and your team, and to Channel 9 for putting this online.

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    @grahama: Awesome, seeing your comments throughout I assume you made your way through this epic (epic as in "length" ... not claiming "awesomeness").  Congratulations.  That was quite an achievement!

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    Thank you very much.

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    Muhammad Tahir Niaz

    Bob Tabor How are you.I am glad to say that i learned alot from your
    teaching.Thank you. and i would like to say that i want to access my SQL database using Web service from my Win8 phone. could you please upload some videos.

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    @QuocTruong: You're welcome.  I know I owe you an email, but I'm way behind.  Hang in there.

    @Muhammad Tahir Niaz: You seem to have all the pieces in place already.  Do you just not know how to go about it?  Or ...?

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    Howdy @BobTabor.  This series is just awesome and I really appreciate you and the folks @Ch9 for doing this.  This is a great spring board to get me involved in WP8 development and I already have some cool app ideas that I want to pursue in the near future.  Being traditionally a Java/Python/C++ guy on Linux the MS stack is a whole new world to me.  I'll definitely be checking out your site as well.

    One quick question.  If you were going to recommend a good reference guide for XAML for Windows Phone 8 (and maybe Windows 8) application development, what would be your choice?

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    @ChrisDunphy: I haven't read any books at all, just used MSDN.  However, I'm guessing the Phone 8 Internals books on MS Press would be good ... topics looks good at least.  Sorry I can't offer more help, perhaps someone else could offer a book they prefer?

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    Great series! Would love to see more, especially how to use an existing SQLite database with WP8. An app without data is not much fun, and using SQLite with WP8 seems VERY confusing.

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    @JimBane: For SQLite and Windows Phone 8, I can make two suggestions. If you're more of a blog post type of guy, check out Andy Wigley's SQLite for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

    Also helpful is Andy's TechEd talk on SQLite and Windows Phone (I know it says "LOB apps", but the lessons translate pretty well to all kinds of apps that need SQLite.

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    Guess I should have finished the last lesson before asking for a book recommendation Wink  Well now that I _am_ done I'd like to say thank you again.  A very awesome intro to WP8 development.

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    Many Thanks to you, ^.^

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    @ChrisDunphy: Go nuts, figure out an app you want to build.  Ask questions on sites like the MSDN forums or stackoverflow.  The community really loves helping people out.

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    Hey Bob,
    Ur videos are awesome , i downloaded all 35 videos which are available in site. Especially thanks not only for video and also providing synopysis for the application in screen shots. Your videos give me knockout in development. Ur's explanation makes me to learn faster.

    Thanks very much .

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    @balaji: Glad you enjoyed them.  Smiley

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    Thanks bob for this tutorial , but why the is only for 9 countries , we can't register on dvlup ?

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    @Abdallah: You'd have to ask Nokia about that.  Don't know.

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    Hi Bob,

    I'm an iOS developer that has been wanting to jump into WP8 dev, and this series has been absolutely awesome. 6 weeks ago I didn't know C# or anything about WP development - today my first app was approved and is live on the WP Store:

    I can't imagine going from square-one to published app in such a short time without this series. Cheers to you and Clint for making the transition easy for us MS dev newbies!

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    @Stephen: awesome!
  • User profile image

    @Stephen:Very very cool ... that's the kind of feedback we're very happy to hear about.  Great work ... I'm going to be one of your first customers ... downloading now ...

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    Dear Bob & Clint, 

    Thank you both so much for an entertaining and informative series.  The lessons were relevant and fun. I'm ready to start developing my own app ideas now, and I'm grateful to you both (and everyone else behind the scenes) for guiding me to this point.   Again, many thanks!


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    @DHC: Very cool, thanks for the nice note!  Good luck to you!

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    Talha khan

    I am new to Microsoft technologies but didnt find any difficulty learning Windows Phone 8 thats all because of Bob Tabor. The contents, teaching style, audio/video quality and eveything are just so awwsome.
    I really learned and enjoyed alot.
    Great WORK.
    Thanks again to Bob Tabor and team.

  • User profile image

    @Talha khan: Love the Tarder Sauce pic!  Thanks for the feedback.  Really appreciate those nice notes.  Smiley

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    i understand that this group will helpfull to wp8 developer .

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    Hi Bob,

    Totally awesome series of tutorials!

    By soaking up the information presented here and referring to various sources of documentation, I was able to create my first "proof of concept" app and deploy it to the app store in the space of 24 hours. And this was with no prior experience in mobile development on any platform (but about 30 years experience in desktop development using languages other than C#...)

    You do a great job of presenting the information in a way that's easy to understand, and that's something that not many people can do. You deserve all the kudos you can get!

    Keep up the good work!

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    @grsbanks: Wow, geez, thanks!  Glad the videos helped you get those kinds of results.  That's exactly the kind of thing I believe the Phone team was hoping for when they asked Clint and I to build this content.  Thank you!

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    Thank You

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    Thomas Busch

    I got a Lumia 928 just a couple weeks ago and I cracked out on this series over the past four or five days. I love it, you really presented it well. I lead a team of web developers who are always looking for new stuff to put to use and I think this could be a great opportunity for us. I really appreciate you putting so much time into this and the examples you've set forth are actually applicable to the real world, which really helps bring it together. I've got some ideas for my own apps now and I think I've got the base knowledge that I needed in order to get moving on them.

    Even though you're a Blackhawks fan(we Michiganders are mostly Wings fans), you & Clint deserve a lot of credit for this series! I will definitely be checking out your stuff on, too. Ever think of tackling SharePoint development?

  • User profile image

    @Thomas Busch: Hey, we can still be friends ... until the playoffs.  Tongue Out  I guess we're in different conferences now (?) so it may not matter anymore.

    re: SharePoint development ... whew.  Only so many hours in a day.  I looked at it once upon a time, but getting a SharePoint dev environment up and running hurt my head.  I know nothing about domain controllers, active directory and all that madness required just to get it working.  I don't want to learn that stuff ... so, unless I can find a hosted solution somewhere where I could provision a new environment in minutes and not worry about the networking side of things, I would say "probably not".  (Is there such a magical place?  Please let me know!)

    However, thanks for your interest and best wishes to you!

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    Thanke you very very very very much

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    Thanks! Very nice tutorial series.

  • User profile image

    Bob, actually it's a very good series but i wanna ask you about something i just wanna know how do you study all of these programming languages ? what are your resources ? and i wanna know hot to be a really professional at windows phone 8 platform ?

  • User profile image

    @lilemam: Camera tricks.  Smiley

    Seriously, once you learn one language well, other languages will come easier.  And when you say "languages", which ones are you referring to?

    I suspect your real question is specifically how did I learn how to develop for Windows Phone.  Again I want to give as much credit as possible to Clint Rutkas because the content of this series was really his brainchild.  I merely took his work, decomposed it into learning steps, and regurgitated it back.

    As far as work original with me is concerned, this is my life for the past 20 years.  I dedicate every single day to this.  Almost every night, and a lot of weekends.  And I'm not even all that good, honestly.  I just took the initiative to speak into a camera before anyone did and made many mistakes years ago before anyone noticed.  Smiley

    I'm pretty sure Clint has spent even more time than I have in the past 5 years since he's younger, has more energy and has the benefit of being around a lot of other really smart people on Microsoft's campus.  

    As far as resources go, I don't have any special resources per se.  MSDN is the best.  I've not read many books that have dramatically helped me even though I do read all the time.  You get a little insight here and there.

    Read the book "So Good They Can't Ignore You" by Cal Newport then devote yourself to mastering one thing in your life.

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    I really Like Ur Series Smiley AngelDevil

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    Fawsi Hizam

    Great job Bob,
    I do appreciate just like a lot of other people for your presentation about the topic. You have a great talent, please continue using it, in introducing other subject, so that we may learn from you. Salaam,

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    Nazmul Haque

    Great job Bob Tabor.
    The whole series was really helpful for me.
    Thank you and your team very very much.

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    How to get incentive code coupons  ??

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    Dear bob, please do not stop posting :(

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    Beray Bentesen

    Application gives "Not a valid latitude" even if find my location correctly.What can be the problem ?

  • User profile image

    @Beray Bentesen: where are you getting that from?  I am not seeing any reference to that error.

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    You never to old to learn, well whoever thought that out ..............
    I'm following this videotutorial for a wile now, but shure NOT getting the hang of it.
    Stumbling over errors and misreading text...mostly because English is not my native language.
    But oké
    And i also missed in the beginning the point of the duck and the kiddy app ( petssound ) ,
    never found out where and whitch point the cat get's his meauw Wink

    The tutorial is great and quite clear.....tho sometimes to fast for my doing Wink
    But i could not found what i was looking for.
    What am i looking for?

    I build a excel spreadsheet who does some automated calculations.
    Someone surprised me and build me an droidapp what does the same thing.
    But i need it for Wp8.
    It's seems to be quite basic, but hard to explane.

    It has multiplying, adding up, deviding and subtraction in it.
    Perhaps it's easier if you see the excelsheet.

    Xls speadsheet

    And now i doing or following these tutorials, but cant find any pointers in the right direction.
    Maybe something for another tutorial hahaha
    No but realy, i looked over a couple of times of these great videos.
    And sometime it's hard to follow, especially the "bughunting in errors".

    So the big question is, is it possible and how to begin.

    Btw best wishes for 2014 to you all





  • User profile image

    @Subscriber: the pet sound applications are designed to teach you how to use things like data binding, a basic to XAML, the pivot control, media element control and a few other things in an application that can be very simple from the start and then built upon to do things like record audio.

    What parts are too fast?

    WP8 has excel built into it.  You could just do use that Smiley

  • User profile image

    Yea , i know the tutorials are just pointers to show some of the posibilities of developing wp8
    What parts are too fast? of it hahaha
    No, thats just me, getting used to some differant terms in english.

    The excel in Wp8 can not comprehend the excelsheet.
    Therefore it's to limited.
    It just works on the desktopversion of office.
    I dont know if you have downloaded the spreadsheet,
    therefore i want to rewrite it to a Wp8 app, just like the one who was made for Droid.

    If you have acces to a Droid Phone/tabled than i can show you wat i mean.
    Here the apk file for sideloading the app



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    Hi , I have completed project however I can not get result for pick for background page.No error , No mistake but still I can not see images.Application find my location , than I click search button but nothing happen please help thanks.

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    Finished the pdf, thanks for this series. Big Smile


    Found three errors that are not really important or crucial, but one that can confuse people.

    p. 54 before last paragraph
    "are margins are"

    6th line - word "events" twice

    p. 87
    The correct translation of Pet sounds is "Sonidos de animales". Pet sonida sounds awesome, though.

    p. 411
    at the end of the page, it says MainPage.xaml instead
    of SearchResults.xaml

  • User profile image

    @marrdev: Awesome, thanks for this!  I'll consider this pretty good since I did all the proof reading myself.  Big Smile  re: Pet sonida ... I'm blaming Google Translate.  Bah!

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    I loved those videos, Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners.

    Very good!

  • User profile image

    Amazing way to learn. Thanks @bob & @clint. This is a precious source so we can star making our ideas a reality!

  • User profile image

    just perfect . thanx you Bob

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    hello bob!
    I have started developing my own apps now!! I am using SQLite database and I would like to know how to include a existing database (I created it through SQLite firefox add-on ) to my mobile app (I am using VS 2012 express for WP SDK 8.0 and c#). I searched sites like but it would my MOST HUMBLE REQUEST to you if you can help me since your tutorials are so clean and perfect for a beginner like me. PLEASE please help me. I would not mind waiting for a week's time but im desperate to get your help. Thank you sooooo much again for all these tutorials.

  • User profile image

    Thank you so much bob for all these beginners videos, i learn lot from these 35 series.

    And waiting for advanced  tutorials.Big Smile

  • User profile image
    Barry Cartwright

    Bob, can you help me? I am following you videos on Windows 8 phone for beginners, I have a problem which up to now have failed to sort out. I am using Visual 2012 for windows phone, the visual programme does not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800 phone, I am using windows 8.1 64 Bit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for the phone, I can see the phone in the Device Manager, Zune is running when I attempt to debug the programme, I have loaded music and photo's on to my computer via the usb cable. The IbOverUsb.scv is running.

  • User profile image

    @samantha: Thank you. Unfortunately, no plans in the near future to do a SQLite series.  Sorry!

    @kirankharat: What topics would you consider "advanced"?

    @Barry Cartwright: Hmm.. I honestly have no idea.  May want to try:

  • User profile image

    whenever I try to load a map in Windows phone 8 sdk the map does
    not load at all and a blue screen appears instead,plz help me to fix it.thanks in advance.

  • User profile image

    @Ashfaq: Sorry, that's not something I can help with.  Try asking on the MSDN forums:

  • User profile image

    Hi Bob. What are you working on? When are we going to hear news about any new series?

  • User profile image

    This was a great series, thanks to Bob and Clint for doing this.  

  • User profile image

    Hi ,

    I would guess that turkey uses ',' as the decimal separator, so it must come out as 1,234567

    Here is my code ;

    protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)

    _latitude = Convert.ToDouble( NavigationContext.QueryString["latitude"]);
    _longitude = Convert.ToDouble(NavigationContext.QueryString["longitude"]);
    _radius = Convert.ToDouble(NavigationContext.QueryString["radius"]);
    _topic = NavigationContext.QueryString["topic"];

    What should I do ? Thanks

  • User profile image

    Hey Bob, Can you please post a video on making Lock Screen applications?

  • User profile image

    Great series. I enjoyed them a lot! Thanks!

  • User profile image

    Bob sir:Why C# series have subtitles optional? Visual Basic series lack this feature? Later will launch the subtitle function? Look forward to!

  • User profile image

    @lostCrab: Hi, I don't work for Microsoft  YOu'll need to ask them using the Feedback link at the bottom of every Channel9 page.  Good luck!

  • User profile image

    THANK YOU FOR Bob sir.

  • User profile image

    Thank you very much to Bob and Clint !!!

  • User profile image

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you very much for this serie. It 's Great !

    I have a question about MediaElement in the SoundBoard App :

    First, I need to reencode all Wave Files (I use mp3 instead for less space) because sounds were playing with heavy distortion on my device (HTC 8X, no problem on the emulator)

    For the built-in files, the player seems to replay the first 0.1-0.2 second of the sound. It seems because I hear it, but I've tested the CurrentStateChanged event with no success : opening->playing->paused->ended (I don't know why it paused before ending). Furthermore, if this problem occurs for most sounds, it's not for all : The cat kitten sound plays well while the cat meow does not (which plays "meeoww-me" instead of "meeoww"). This problem happen only on the device, not the emulator. I've tested it on my HTC 8X and on a Samsung Ativ S with the same problem.

    The recorded sounds in the custom audio section don't have this issue.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you


  • User profile image

    Thanks Bob. It was an awesome series and expect to see more from you. I just had gone through most of the series and got time to finish it off just now and I would say thanks again.Hope you will do a series on the Windowsphone 8.1 features . It is time to make my app to the woindowsphonestore.




  • User profile image

    I really enjoyed this series videos Bob, and now I think I'm ready to develop some apps. Thanks for all. Off topic: the video tutorials from are subtitled (english at least)? I'm considering invest in a 1 year suscription but my english ear is not really good.


  • User profile image

    @BigwaveMx: Unfortunately, no.  I'm just one guy and adding subtitles is so labor intensive as to make it cost / time prohibitive.  Sorry!

  • User profile image

    Great series Bob, it took me 6 months to finally finish(cause i got distracted by work :) ). I am beginner to Windows phone 8 development. Your series have been a great help in learning loads of stuff. Thanks.

  • User profile image

    Hi Bob!

    I would like to thank you for this amazing series of videos. Your knowledge is really impressive and you explain things very clearly.

    I bought my first Windows Phone in May this year (my first smartphone) and with your help I published my first app after a week of watching your videos and two weeks later I published another one :)
    You can see it here

    Thank you for all the knowledge!

  • User profile image

    @Hsushenon: Thank you!

    @John: Awesome!  Good work!  Glad the videos helped!

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