Implementing a Loading Splash Screen for your Windows Phone App

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This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a loading screen in your Windows phone App that is bound to a property in the ViewModel.  It covers how to use Blend to create a simple loading screen and use the DataStateBehavior in conjunction with a Boolean ViewModel property to display the loading screen when data is loading, and the main view for the page when data has been finished loading.

Time Shortcuts:

[00:52] - Project Overview
[01:53] - Running Sample Application without loading screen
[02:18] - Creating the Splash Screen in Blend
[05:08] - Creating the Visual States
[07:18] - Running Sample Application with loading screen

Also, the sample application this article is based on is now available here:

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The Discussion

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    nice, short, sweet and nugget
    keep posting such awesome articles


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    Great Video and idea. Question: Where is the sample code located at? Also, you may to re-shoot the video to add more "zoom in" feature to the different text/code that you trying to point out. If you re-shoot, please add in the comment of "turning on" the recording at the 5:23 mark. Thanks for a creative idea and have a wonderful Holiday. (Live from Raleigh NC)

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    Thanks for the feedback.  I do not think I will re-shoot the video this time around, but will definitely make the adjustments for my next one.   I overlooked the sample application and sharing it.   I will sort that out and post an update when it is available, most likely after the holidays. 

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    I have added a link to the OneCode sample now, and added a new Timestamp to get quick access to creating and recording the visual states.

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