Quickly Generate C# Classes from JSON Responses

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This short video will show the developer how to use the Web Essentials Visual Studio Plugin, and a quick tip to quickly generate typed C# classes for working with JSON Responses.  This is very handy if your application makes calls to REST API's that return JSON responses.

[00:48] - Simple HTTP Client call to REST API

[01:01] - Generate C# file for declaring classes

[01:40] - Inspect JSON Response in Debugger

[01:56] - Paste as JSON Classes with web essentials

[02:34] - Using the new JSON Class in the code




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The Discussion

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    Thank you. Very cool.  How do you get the reference counts to display in Visual Studio like you have in the demo?

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    It is part of update 2 or 3 of visual studio 2013. Quite a lot of funky thongs have been added recently.
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    Just what I desperately needed. Perfect!! I'm working on a project that requires making a ton of remote API calls. Now I don't have to manually create all the c# classes. I just quickly generated all the classes following this video. Infinite gratitude to Bret Bentzinger and Channel 9 for sharing this video.

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    @Niner705639:Which reference count?  I am just expanding the obj local variable.

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    @Fission:The plugin is for Visual Studio Update 3

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    Nice tool!  It would be good to expand to select a json file and convert to classes.  Maybe some type of wizard.

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    @shaggygi:That would be cool.  Good idea!

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    @BretBentzinger: I believe @Niner705639 was referring to the Code Lens reference counting on the methods and classes.

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    Good tool. When dealing with JSON I find that the conversion tool at <a href="https://json-csv.com">json-csv.com</a> provides a nice quick way to view the data without having to code.

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    I got that link wrong above...it's https://json-csv.com

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    This is great! Very helpful!

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    Richard Hill

    Hi, I seldom make the time to post on these forums as I am actually busy working on code. I saw this post and thought it to be a VERY useful utility that would save me some time to potentially post on forums and perhaps give a little back to the community.

    I'm afraid thats not to be.

    This 'tool' has failed to work for me. I suggest that the creators of it perform some due diligence on their work and 'test' their code.

    I also suggest that Channel9 take this video down as it puts them in a poor light.


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    @Richard Hill: it would be interesting to see why this tool is failing you. If there are any bugs I would suggest you raise them accordingly rather than lambasting the developer(s) who put effort in creating this. Or better yet, you could write your own VS plugin that can do this better and help the community, as you say you like to do. 

    In the meantime, please note that in VS2013 you can achieve the same thing without the need to use WebEssentials. Copy your Json from the source then in VS --> Menu --> Edit --> Paste Special --> Paste Json as Classes/Paste Xml as Classes. Demo here.

    I hope you find this useful and thanks to @bret for his excellent work

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    Thanks!  This saved me a bunch of time.

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