Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#

Part 2: Getting Started with the Grid App Template

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In lesson Bob takes the first steps towards building the Contoso Cookbook by creating and walking through a new Grid App Template project and modifying the project name displayed on the start page.


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    The Discussion

    • maskaravivek

      thanks bob...for me as a student your tutorial videos are so much helpful

    • alibrawy

      Nice Video!

    • Rayky

      I'm having this exception while loading xaml designers:
      Designer could not be started because of a permissions issue on the drive to which it is installed. Please check the permissions of the folder before trying to start the designer.
      I did google the problem and tried some methods but it doesn't work. I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate with Blend. Help!

    • BobTabor

      @Rayky:  Hmm... never heard that one before.  Have you tried running Visual Studio as Administrator on your machine?  From the Win 8 Start screen, right-click on the Visual Studio icon, in the app bar, select Start As Admin.  Try again ... do you still get that message?

    • Rayky

      I did try that but it didn't work but i found a solution online anyway. It's very nice to know that you tried to help. Love your stuffs.

    • Liyah

      I have to design a metro fitness app as a homework, but I have no experience in windows8 apps. I also have to include a BMI calculator to the app and my lecturer won't help me with the coding... so can u please help me get started? my email is thanx in advance!

    • SodaCoW

      @Rayky: You might want to give a link to where you found the solution for your problem if someone in the future comes around this page via a search for System.Security.SecurityException they would leave empty handed.

      @Bob: Thank you for an excellent series on C#. Just finished your beginner's series and though I'm unfamiliar with programming it gave a good insight to the language and I'm going to see through this series also.

    • Dheeraj


      I have created a project with Grid template. When I open the XAML file, I am unable to get the designer. I am using VS 2012 ultimate with blend.

      Thank You,

    • Clint

      @Dheeraj: did you compile the application?

    • BobTabor

      Opening comments

    • Amey

      Why Can't I find callisto in vs 2013 ???

    • Ajay

      I have created a grid template project using VS2013 in windows8.1 OS. I am able to compile and run the default project but I am not able to get any default content on clicking on grid icon tile . It is taking me to blank page. But I am getting content on clicking on Group Title icon. Am I missing anything here?

    • BobTabor

      @Ajay: I don't have an environment up and running at the moment, but if you created a new Grid App template and ran it, then that is the default behavior.  Are you saying that is different from what I explained?  Please let me know.

    • Ajay

      @Bob - I am not seeing any content on clicking on grid icon tile as it was present in your case.
      Another question - can we use VS2012 to develop an app for windows 8.1?If yes then what additional software do I need?

    • BobTabor

      @Ajay: Honestly, I have not attempted to create a WinPhone app using VS 2013 so I'm unaware of any changes, however I suppose it's possible that they changed something?  

      re: Windows 8.1 development ... make sure you have VS 2013 Express for Windows (or Pro, Ultimate, etc.).  I'm sure there's a good tutorial on getting started with 8.1 development somewhere on MSDN. Good luck!

    • Jasneet

      Hello Bob,
      I have just started your this series,previously i watched your HTML5 & CSS3 one, that was pretty awesome.
      Ihave studied C# recently, and i really want to get into windows 8 app dev thing.
      1.My qustion is that am i late for this tutorial? cos its for windows 8 (i have windows 8 ) and right now windows 8.1 is out ,will i be able to publish my app in the store if i program my app learning from here?

      2.I have VS2012 Ultimate on windows 8 .Do i need to upgrade to 8.1 to publish my app?

    • DHEN

      @Bob - I think it will help to me as an IT student .. hopefully I can create now a project Windows 8 Apps with a C# platform, I just want to ask if there's a PDF file for this whole project?



    • BobTabor

      @Jasneet: It seems as though things have changed significantly with the project templates and other dependencies like Callisto.  I don't know that there's a plan to update the Contoso Cookbook or Hands On Labs ... I would say if you do want to follow in this series, just know up front that what you see in VS 2013 will not match what you see on screen in all cases.  Having said that, this could still be a valuable learning experience.

      I think you need VS 2013 (at least, the VS 2013 Express for WINDOWS) to build apps for Windows 8.1.  Honestly?  I've not kept up with it since 8.1 was released.  I've been heads down working on other stuff.  You may just need to try it for yourself.

      Good luck!

    • Jasneet

      @BobTabor :Thanks for that, i would still complete this series,as it would help me to revise my c# concepts and definitely i will learn XAML,which is a plus point,good to have some encouragement to look up to when i start some new project in 8.1.

      Its amazing that you find time to reply to almost all individual questions, really appreciate your initiative.

      Thanks again, ciao!

    • BobTabor

      @Jasneet: "You can get what you want out of life if you help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar.  Smiley

    • Mike

      I also notice the empty items issue on VS2013. Anyone been able to solve this?

    • BobTabor

      @Mike: Could you point me to the posts where other people had this "empty items" problem?  I'm a bit embarrassed, but I don't know what you're referring to.  I'll help if I can.

    • abbytar

      FYI The new ContosoCookbook app for Win 8.1 Visual 2013 is on see blogs, whats new for developer in windows 8.1. The reference to Callisto has been removed.



    • BobTabor

      @abbytar: That's not "official" / "from Microsoft" but it may suffice.

    • Murtaza Hasan

      Bob man am loving you to bits , thanks alot mate for being so helpful :)
      I am a newbie to this field of computer sciences, I m doing my bachelors from DCS-UBIT Pakistan , We are being taught C# here and even before our teacher started teaching us , i started with your tutorials and many they are so helpful .

      Can you please Add stuff related to Graphics and basic Game Programming to your tutorials of C# .

    • Devinder Kaur

      I'm having exception while loading App.xaml designers:
      Designer could not be started because of a permissions issue on the drive to which it is installed. Please check the permissions of the folder before trying to start the designer.
      Also , run as Admin didn't work .
      Please Help me !

    • mahitej

      1 The "GenerateAppxPackageRecipe" task was not given a value for the required parameter "ProjectDir". App1

      i am getting this error while trying 2 build please help

    • Calvin Headley

      What do I do when the project creates the grid, but the individual pages don't have a place for the image and there is no text column?

    • BobTabor

      @Murtaza Hasan: Yikes!  I'm not a gave dev.  Sorry.  :(

      @Devinder Kaur: Please ask your question here:

      @mahitej: Sorry, I have no idea.

      @Calvin Headley: Can you type in the correct XAML even if it isn't part of the template?  I'm guessing they updated the templates and changed what you see on my screen.  >:(


    • Changweihua

      Hello,i made an application, when i change the data in SampleData.json with chinese characters ,i crashed,how can i use chinese characters, thanks a lot

    • BobTabor

      @Changweihua: Hmm... I really don't know.  Sorry ... I've never tried.  I would recommend asking here:

    • InterSowa


      I have this problem when I try use network drive. Move project to local drive. I hope that will handy for you.


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