Part 29: Incorporating Push Notifications

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    opening thread

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    In Packing Tab, Choose Certificate button on the Publisher line. 
    Then select Select from file from the Configure Certificate drop-down list and select
    Contoso.pfx.....does not work for me. :(

    I got error message box and it says:

    "The Manifest designer could not import the certificate.
    The certificate you selected is not valid for signing because it is either expired or has another
    issue. For more........."
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    @Adnan84: by now it is totally possible that test cert has expired.  This sample was created well over a year in the past.  You'll have to create a different one.

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    I think there need to be some certificates that don't expire. If it's on and it's for educational purposes, then it needs to continue to work even if it's been more than a year. Or maybe make a new certificate and post that? There are always new people wanting to learn, DEVUNLEASHED events that get people inspired, etc.

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    @Stephanie: Agree.  I'm guessing there's more to it I don't understand, but I agree.

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