Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#

Part 34: Where to go from here?

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Bob reviews the topics discussed in this series of lessons, and provides some additional resources and guidance on how you should approach your career as a software developer.



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    The Discussion

    • MyTechDeals

      Excellent series Bob.  As a beginner just learning c#. Windows 8 seemed so big and all new, but now I think I can do this.  

    • BobTabor

      @MyTechDeals: Awesome!  Glad you enjoyed it.

    • ankitankit1​991

      Hello Sir, I want to Learn More on JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC 3, 4.

      I also watched your HTML5 and CSS3 Series, and Some Videos of JavaScript Series and those series really help me a lot.

      And I want to learn more on JavaScript and MVC so please tell me which book is good for me.

    • Madhu Babu

      Sry bob... yesterday I was busy couldn't able to visit the site... "Belated Happy B'day bob"... wish u a very prosperous year... I'm a fan of u... I do watch ur every video... You r really awesome... thanks for ur videos, they r really helpful for me.... Once again a very Happy B'day.... Enjoy...:)

    • BobTabor

      @Madhu Babu: WOW.  How did you remember it was my birthday?  Smiley  Thank you very much!

    • Madhu Babu

      Its my pleasure to wish u bob... guess how i remember your B'day...;-)
      its your 15708th day living.... I wish u have a very long and healthy life... :)

    • Bruce Wayne

      My hero.

    • BobTabor

      @Bruce Wayne: Thank you, Mr. Wayne.  I've been a big fan since I was 6 years old.  And don't worry ... your secret is safe with me.  Wink

    • Ariff1982

      Hello Bob,

      Where I can find your video series for Windows Form Application using C#.


      Thank you!

    • BobTabor

      @Ariff1982: I'm sorry, I've not created one of those.

    • Edmilson

      Thank you!!
      Bob you are excelente professor, the serie is awesome, I´m from Brazil and I´m just starting with Windows 8, in the last two weeks I´ve learned a lot with this serie.

      From heart I Thank you and Microsoft Team for give me so good material to learn.

    • BobTabor

      @Edmilson: Very nice!  Thanks for reaching out, and good luck with Windows Store apps.  Let me know once you get an app in the store, I'd love to check it out!

    • DR460N

      Hi Master Tabor

      Many Thanks 
      Big Smile
    • BobTabor

      @DR460N: Ha!  I wish.  But thanks for the confidence boost.  Smiley

    • Mikey

      Thank you Sir for Resetting my programming knowledge. Keep firing us, and we shall payback big time in the near future. Well done to the Channel 9 Team, Microsoft and all who were involved in putting this series together. Once again big salute to y'all!

    • BobTabor

      @Mikey: Awesome, thank you for watching Mikey.

    • k m

      Just finished the series.
      You did a great job presenting the lab, plus the extra bonus material you added.
      Thanks a lot. :)

    • srinath

      Sir, Thanks for the tutorials. I've been going through them . But there are so many things going on . I'm able to understand what is going on but when it comes to implementing in my project I'm don't know where to go. Do you have any tutorials where we have a target that we will achieve this and we will code entirely on our own not copying and pasting?

    • Clint

      @srinath: Have you tried the absolute beginner series for Windows Phone 8?  I had a direct part in that and unless you are directly grabbing code from our samples, you should be forced to code everything from the ground up.


      you are a good man for every one

    • Rizwan

      this is a good work for every one because your tutorial is every useful and benfit

    • Bigmachini

      This is going to be my next series. have watched all the rest am loving it. just got done with HTML with css3 now want to start on javascript. can't wait for the day channel9 will add the ASP.NET one for absolute beginners. That is the direction am heading.

      Thanx again for the good work... Keep it up, and keep changing lives the same way.

    • BobTabor

      @Bigmachini: I don't know that ASP.NET is going to happen ... at least, not something I'll be creating for Channel9 or Microsoft Virtual Academy (although I do have that content on my own website) however there are tons of videos and such available on  

    • Divyateja

      The way you present is simply awesome.I loved it like anything.Sir,But can u please let me get out of a problem which I have been facing since today's morning.When I try to browse online in visual studio for callisto and when I try to install it is jst showing something like

      "Could not install package 'Callisto 1.4.0'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets '.NETCore,Version=v4.5', but the package does not contain any assembly references that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author."

      Can you please get me out of this?

    • BobTabor

      @Divyateja: Sorry, they broke Callisto.  You'll need to ask them for help on how to install it / fix the problem.  Ask Tim for help:

    • Eddie

      Hey Bob, for the SettingsFlyout (W8.1), how would create a Login UI and wire that up?

    • lilemam

      Hey Bob i need videos or any resources about Hub Apps and how to control their contents ? and i want to make my App in a different language not in English what should i do ?

    • BobTabor

      @Eddie: I'm sorry, that's not something I can help you with.

      @lilemam: Again, unfortunately, that's not something I can help you with.  A good search on the internet will probably yield the results you desire.

    • Sanket​Shahane

      Thank you sir (BobTabor). Your every video tutorial is very helpful to learn Visual Studio Dot net..!! :)  :)

    • Saleem167

      Hello Sir Bob I want to make language compiler in C# , like latex s/w ... and its my semester project .. so help me for related materials... 


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