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Part 4: Introduction to XAML - Continued

18 minutes, 42 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Bob continues by talking about default properties, the Content property utilized by most controls, property element syntax, and then talks about the various schemas utilized in XAML and what they are there for.


Download the entire series' source code


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  • The mystery is solved!  Thanks for this series, Bob.  The lightbulbs are coming on and I'm enjoying the light.

  • @RyanCox: Funny  Smiley  Keep plugging away at it!

  • cool series. one thing , I like your tip on using bing to search the documentation but it is a bit easier to just press F1 when your cursor is on the string you want to search.


    Thanks for series. Always good stuff

  • @gerdi: Ahh ... nice tip!

  • Just created an account to tell you that this one was great; loved the handful of examples for me to pull from in the future. Thanks Bob!

  • @JonS: Thanks for the kind words!  Good luck as you continue through this series (and beyond).

  • Interesting that, from the toolbox, dragging in the ELLIPSE, the ouput XAML was terse, choosing not to include:


    Is that be design or just the editor mirroring our 1st implementation of the ELLIPSE?

    (i.e. does the designer know when it can be terse?)

  • @flazer: Microsoft's developers are shrewd and try to be helpful.  They decide how to render values set in the Properties window into XAML.  The designer itself has no inherent knowledge of what can be shortened or expanded ... the developers of (in this case) the Ellipse class and control have pre-ordained how the format / shape of the XAML.  Hope that helps!

  • Great series Big Smile

  • shotashota

    One of the best series, very helpful.
    Great Bob

  • shotashota

    One of the best series, very helpful.
    Great Bob

  • @CodeJedi113: @shota:  Thank you both!  Glad you're enjoying this.

  • taztaz

    An amazing set of videos, very useful and easily understandable.

    thanks a lot Bob!

  • Thanks  for   series  Bob~!  Big Smile

  • Great videos and crystal clear explanation. Thank you Bob!

  • and don't forget the ? My intellisense disappeared what do I to Cntrl+Space 


    Great Videos. Thx Bob :)

  • Learning from you became quite interesting and it add a sense to my study.So Thx a lot Bob:)

  • DeepthiDeepthi

    Thanq so much Mr.Bob, your video classes really helping me a lot. THANQ :)

  • CoderFxCoderFx Capn

    Hi Bob

    Only use your vids.  Thank You!

  • Hi Bob.  Thank You!

  • Noor  Ul IslamNoor Ul Islam

    Dear Bob! u have done great job...

  • AdityaAditya

    Hi Bob
    What is the most effective way of creating 26 buttons with label abcd.... in xaml?

  • @Aditya: I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but ... copy / paste 25 times?

  • AdityaAditya

    Thank you sir for the reply,but i meant that I want to display 26 buttons,e.g first button should have content equals to 'A',second should display 'B',third should display 'C'..in alphabetic order...

  • AdityaAditya

    I have one more question
    Windows media player updates its search result as soon as we start typing in the text box without clicking any button. I guess they are using AJAX. But search can you tell me how to implement this using c# and xaml.
    I mean I want to dynamically update the search result without the need of clicking a button.

  • @Aditya: You asked how would you do it in XAML.  IN XAML, you would have to copy & paste.  You could do it in C# by creating an array of A through Z and adding a new instance of a button for each item in that array.

    re: auto complete ... there may be third-party or open source to do this, but I would simply handle the keypress event for the textbox.  After each letter, I can filter only those results that match the current letters the user has typed. 

  • Excellent series Bob, excellent! I am learning XAML/C# to create a public Kiosk UI. I will also be using the new Kiosk mode built into Win8.1. From my understanding of the kiosk mode documentation, applications that run in kiosk mode must be lauched from winthin sandboxed Win8.1 store/metro/modern application. The existing applications will launch when a tile is selected from the Kisok software and they are web apps/forms. Since IE 11 is a desktop/Windows application, will I be able to run web applications from within a Kiosk mode Win8.1 interface? The Kiosk will have several tiles used to access forms which have been in use for several months now at the company I am currently employed (utilities). My question is, will the web applications/forms be renderable from within the context of the Win8.1 store application with IE 11. I basically want each tile in the kiosk UI to be a "hyperlink" to my web apps/forms. The web apps/forms were developed using HTML5/CSS3/JQuery. We plan to have the Kiosk in production by 12/14. Your response will be most apprecicated. Happy New Year!

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @cbolden: there is a "Window Store" version of IE as well

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Aditya: you can create a databound list, for autocomplete, there are libraries that do this.  All depends how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go for complexity. 

  • HaseebHaseeb

    can i get some extra resources on XAML.
    that makes me confuse sometimes, i need to work more with XAML :(

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