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Part 6: Modifying the Grid App Template with Branding Elements

10 minutes, 9 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

In this lesson we follow the Hands On Labs to modify the branding elements of the app by adding images and configuring our app to use them.  We learn about the Package.appxmanifest and how it introduces our app to Windows 8 and finally discuss the purpose of the App.xaml.


Download the entire series' source code 


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  • Thank you very much Bob Taylor. Your tutorial is far better than the ones in paid subscriptions like Plural Sight and Learn Dev Now. 

  • @Merin: Thank you, I've never watched anyone else's videos (don't want to be accused of plagiarism or copying someone else's ideas) so I've stayed away.  However, that's great feedback and greatly appreciated.

  • +1 to Merin's comments.

  • Oldemiro Baloiwdownload Never Mind

    Hello BOB i like your videos and i learn more here than MVA and i stopped at video 17 i think now i am balancing about grid template i am creating app about super Sport Vehicles i use SampleDataSource as Inspiration so i am having problems with Binding With Group Names and when i try to get details from item i would like  if you would right from beginning DAtaSource at least like SampleDataSource as New Year Gift 

  • @wdownload: Binding with related data is tricky and I had to create a few side projects to help me really understand what I was doing.  There are several moving parts.  If you send me an email to my personal account, I'll see if I can dig up an example to help make this clearer (I don't know if it will help, but it couldn't hurt.)  When I find something that doesn't make sense, I try creating several tiny projects to isolate that part I don't understand and keep practicing with it in different scenarios until I can explain it to other people.  Generally, I throw that code away.  The code is less useful than the discovery process.  I encourage everyone to do the same.  Perhaps creating a stripped down, simple project would help.

  • Oldemiro Baloiwdownload Never Mind

    Thanks of answering could you provide me  your personal  E-mail

  • @wdownload: bob at learn visual studio dot net

  • Bob, a bit of an issue here , probably related to the latest VS12 service pack - not sure how to resolve.

    Screen for tiles is of course different and when I plug the WIDELOGO into it (perhaps not where it really needs to go?), it throws an error: THE IMAGE ASSET OR RELATED FIELD HAS ONE OR MORE ERRORS...



  • A little more about the error when I hover over the bottoom right red X (so much for editing the html to make my X red!) - it says:

    A mixture of images with and without "scale" or "targetsize" qualifiers exists in this project for the logical name "Assets\WideLogo.png"  When a mixture exists, files without the qualifier are ignored.  For predictable runtime behavior, explicitly specify...

    Three dots at the end... the message is clipped off the screen...


  • @flazer: I may need to get someone from Microsoft included in this thread to help answer.  For their benefit, could you explicitly identify the step in the HOL and the time marker (ex. @ 5:34) in the video where you're trying to follow along but can't.

  • Sure, @ or around 2:45 we click to add the WIDELOGO.PNG to the Package.appxmanifest file but my version of said manifest file is a tad more complex.

    I'm running:

    Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 Version 11.0.51106.01 Update 1 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5.50709


  • @flazer: Acknowledging receipt, and I also sent out a beacon to the appropriate people at Microsoft.  It could take a few days ... please hang in there.  Sorry for the confusion!

  • No worries - I'm able to progress Smiley

  • I was getting the same issue as flazer.  There were two files in the assets WideLogo.scale-100.png, and WideLogo.png. Renaming either  removed the errors.  Apparently adding the scale information to the filename does something depending on the screen pixels.

    Guidelines for scaling to pixel density (Windows Store apps) (Windows)

  • @rhodes2r: Ah, I see what you're talking about.  So, it seems like an update to Visual Studio now enforces those naming conventions.  So the behavior (just from what you both describe) seems to be that if you start using the file naming convention that includes the pixel scale you must continue using it for all your tile image files.  Does that seem like an accurate description of what seems to be going on here?

  • Opening comments

  • thank you very much bob, i love your videos and i get them very hard with this poor internet quality in my country, IRAN. i learned C# with your similar series in MVA and i'm waiting for any other series of you.

    thank you very much again.Smiley

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