Part 2: Getting Started with the Grid App Template

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The Discussion

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    I wish there were a playlist function for series like this.

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    Hi Bob, 

    > 10,000 views already, good to know so many others are getting to see your fine work.

    Looking forward very much to working through this course.

    King regards,



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    @robertsundstrom: Sounds reasonable.  (I'm not part of Microsoft, but) the best place to ask for that (and have your request see by actual Microsoft people) is in the Feedback link in the footer of this page.  Good luck!

    @mrpaulb: Thanks Paul ... hope the series helps!  Good luck!

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    Chukwu Ifeanyi

    I love HTML5 and CSS3 but it scares me abit to do my development with javascript. Is the javascript in windows 8 development object oriented just like c#? I'm having a hard time deciding whether to use XAML/C# or HTML5/CSS3/JAVASCRIPT for my development.

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    @Chukwu Ifeanyi: Sorry for the delayed response.  As a fellow C# guy, it was scary to build in HTML5 and JavaScript.  It's less scary now that I've gone through this thoroughly, and actually, I began looking at it as an opportunity to better understand JavaScript.

    If you need quick results and you're already familiar with C#, just stick with that.  (My opinion ... may not reflect Microsoft's:) The reason Microsoft added HTML5 & JavaScript was to attract a new group of developers to the Windows client platform, NOT so that you feel like you have to convert over.

    Hope that helps?

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