Part 8: Binding to Cookbook Data (2 of 2) - Modifying the data.js

Play Part 8: Binding to Cookbook Data (2 of 2) - Modifying the data.js
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In this lesson, we first learn about the composition of the JSON file containing our apps data, then we make changes to the data.js to retrieve JSON data containing information about the recipe groups and items. 



The Discussion

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    Joe C

    I am lost, if this what you have to do to create an app in Windows 8. Microsoft is has more problems then people unhappy with windows 8. Bobs First JS series were great this is not close to beginner level. All I could say is Microsoft needs to look at Android and Apples platform and START OVER. I have been speaking to .NET developers that have given up. This is Crazy to think developers will sit here trying figure out this API mess. I thought Win 8 had a chance I no longer do after working with this API.

    This simple Example (I could write in a few days in HTML 5 and JS script). I have NOT A CLUE of what is going on, and can not even see a speed advantage of what they are doing. Bob is a assume teacher this might not be teachable. Almost every Microsoft reference web page is incorrect.

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    @Joe C: Hi Joe, I responded to your other post (video 1 in this series) ... it is similar in nature ... hopefully you and I can continue this thread there.  Thanks!

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    Chantal Sloep

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for this serie of lessons. I'm an absolute beginner at app development, and I'm very inpatient aswell :-)
    I understand how I can bind data with the same markup in one page. What I don't understand is how I should get different types of data (with different html markup) into the item detail page. So the first item is an image, the second item is a paragraph, the third item are a few links, etc. All these items do belong to the same group.

    Should I make more pages, or can I get every item in the itemDetail.html?

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    @Chantal Sloep: Hi, I think you'll see how we modify the html template to incorporate additional data / remove data items from that page.  Follow along a little further ... I think the answer is around the corner.  If not, please by all means re-ask the question.  Good luck!

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    Chantal Sloep

    Thank you for your quick answer. Can you tell me which lesson covers the subject? I'm about to start lesson 13 now, but that seem to be a different subject. The previous lessons didn't clear it up for me yet...

    I did notice that in lesson 12, the item detail page is customized so invalid bindings have been removed and new bindings are added to display the right data.

    However in the cookbook example every item is the same, they're all recipies. all recipies have the same components (like prep time, ingredients and directions), just filled with different data.

    What I'm looking for is how to add items with different components into the item details page. The HTML markup differs per item, so the HTML markup inside the content-div of the items detail page, isn't the right markup for other items that contain different components.

    Thanks again for helping me out :-)

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