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    I am really excited to start with Xamarin and thought this would be a good code-along. However, the code is changed off screen a lot with renaming of variables and other changes to the code - all without comment. I came here to see if I could download the source code, so I can see what changes were made. I am on video #7 and have an error stating 'DetailPageViewModel does not contain a constructor that takes 1 argument.' It's on the line: var detailVM = new DetailPageViewModel(selectedNote);

    End result - it is very frustrating trying to code along. Definitely a bad experience.
    Let me say something positive about the instructor, though. I am enjoying the concepts he is sharing. My issue is with the constantly changing code - edits made offline with no comment.

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    Hi everyone,

    to save you some stress check out the last video, where is link to all the source codes (that unfortunately changes between the lessons).
    Link to the source code: https://github.com/codemillmatt/xamarin-101

    Apart of that this tutorial is helpfull.
    Thank you for it.

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