Xamarin.Forms MVVM with XAML [6 of 11]

Play Xamarin.Forms MVVM with XAML [6 of 11]
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You've created a Xamarin.Forms application with XAML, now it's time to add some functionality to it using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. MVVM takes a lot of work out of creating apps by automatically wiring properties and commands from business logic objects to your UI, and XAML is a great way to implement MVVM.

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The Discussion

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    Mario Vrhoci

    How I can create MVVM XAMLUI.ViewModels, MainPageViewModel.cs?
    It is not par of this video tutorial.
    Thank You!
    Best Regards,

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    @Mario Vrhoci: Hi Mario - if you go to the GitHub repo there will be a code example you can download. Essentially you'll need to create a class and make sure it implements the INotifyProperty changed interface.

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