ASP.NET Monsters #52: Loading View Components from a Class Library

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View Components are a new feature in ASP.NET Core MVC and they provide a great way to build small components that can be reused across your application. In today's episode, Dave shows us how to load view components from a class library so they can be shared across several applications.


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The Discussion

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    Dennis Smits

    Nice, would love to see more about the plug-in framework concept and how you look at it.

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    mohamed abdelhalim mohamed

    how can I learn from starting ?

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    Another approach is using ApplicationPart. You can check it out at

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    What would be some good use cases for ViewComponents?  I think I say one on menu

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    @JohnMarsing: I think the main menu is a good example or even the Login / Register / My Account section of the menu would be a good use case for a ViewComponent.

    Another example I use often is something like a news feed. I like the News feed example because it needs to access a datasource so it can't be easily implemented as a partial view. Check out my blog post for an example of the News feed view component.

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    I really liked this.  Small, bite size but very informative.  Also you guys have good chemistry, the banter and mild joking dovetails into more interesting thoughts.  Keep it up!

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