ASP.NET Monsters #11 - Yeoman Generators for ASP.NET Core and MVC

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If cross platform is going to be the song sung by the ASP.NET community, the console tooling is really going to have to keep step with other tech stacks. Yeoman generators for ASP.NET Core give developers the basics needed to avoid  the requirement of crufting together projects and new files.

Here in episode 11, Dave demonstrates some of the open-source Yeomon templates freely available to use in your projects (and that you can contribute to). Spin up various ASP.NET Core projects including MVC Core projects, or single files to jump-start your development.

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The Discussion

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    Your computers are to slow, Did you ever hear about SSD.

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    @Perica: My computer has one of the fastest SSDs on the market. It's the CPU that is bottle-necked when doing these recordings. Nearly 50% of my i7 CPU cycles go to sharing the screen via Skype and 35% goes to recording with Camtasia. This leaves only a small amount of the CPU for actually doing the demos.

    I have started doing the demos on a virtual machine in Azure which helps a lot.

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