ASP.NET Monsters #13: Basics of .NET Core

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What is the .NET framework and what does each part do? How does .NET Core differ from the full framework. In this episode monster Simon talks, at a high level about how the bits of the framework fit together. We also talk about why there are so many packages in your solution now and what advantage that gives you over the old monolithic approach to the .NET framework.

You can find out more about .NET Core at If you're interested in the new 64-bit just in time compiler, RyuJIT, there is lots of good information in the blog post RyuJIT: The next-generation JIT compiler for .NET. Finally everything you wanted to know about the CoreFX libraries, the reduced set of libraries for Core, is available on their github site.

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The production code for this episode is... well we don't have one. The production codes were part of our contest. Watch the video to find out who won and what awesome swag they won. 



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The Discussion

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    I made a comment with lots of questions about RC2 and it was rejected as spam.  I guess I am too wordy or have too many links.  So, in summary, I like your videos and format, is it possible for you to do something about the changes from RC1 to RC2?  I would really like to see topics about the services.Configure.


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    Simon Kennedy

    Maybe I missed it but the video seems to refer to ASP.NET 5 and .NET Core 5(?) rather than its updated name ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0.

    Seeing that this video was only posted a day ago and info has been available for some weeks seems odd.

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    Thanks for the shout-out in this video guys, cheers!

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    @Simon Kennedy: Yes, the announcement has been made, the but move to "Core" branding is only underway. All the tooling, templates, naming and samples are still under the old branding. It's tough to find a balance between "right" and "timely", but we're doing our best!

    Everything that you see in the video works today, with tools you can download today. We've got plans to revisit the things that people are most interested in when updates are available.

    We'll absolutely 100% positively use the correct naming going forward.  Thanks for watching the video!

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    @ppuglisi: Thanks for following along and digging in to capture the first-ever ASP.NET Monsters contest! :)

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    @TJSoftware: Hi TJ, thanks for your comments! We'll do at least one segment when the RC2 come out, as these will be important changes, but we won't likely spend too much time on the RC1->RC2 delta simply because most folks haven't adopted ASP.NET Core quite yet. We'll have a video recorded soon after the release!

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