ASP.NET Monsters #6: JSON Data and The Options Pattern

Play ASP.NET Monsters #6: JSON Data and The Options Pattern

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    What is the deal with fake accent? Mega annoying.

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    Accent Critic

    I know right?! Like seriously, James should really stop sounding like that.

    But seriously, Simon comes from New Londonstan in Alberta, Canada, which was a British settlement after the first world war. If you go there, everyone has an accent like that - somewhere between Essex and Rural Alberta Redneck; its like they want to invite you over for tea and a Duck Dynasty marathon.

    Its the only place in Canada where you can legally drive on the left side of the road and there's a bylaw that you must own both a gun and a picture of the Queen in your home.

    For reals, look it up!

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    Nice videos about MVC6. Can you show a right way to create Bearer token for Authentication using Individual User Account, like in MVC 5 using OWIN.

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    @Andriy:Hi there, yes, we'll be doing a few episodes on identity and we'll be looking at tokens and external services. Cheers!

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    If I change the .json config file at runtime and save it, the MonsterSetting class won't dynamically know about this change and map the new change to it's property, am I right?

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