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An interview with Keith Makse, the founder of Red Meat Games and winner of Codename Goa. More about his Azure implementation and game development below:

Wits and Warfare

Wits and Warfare is a game that uses the player's intellect as well as strategy to battle and defend against other players. It is a fully 3D experience that is unheard of with empire building games and also combines trivia aspects within the empire building genre

Game Premise

Mad scientists are competing to have their notion of the 'Universal Theory' to be the one and only theory. Players select from one of five mad scientists to play and build their laboratory base to collect more data. Other scientists are also out to sabotage your base and steal Logic or Creative data, so players will need to protect and defend their laboratory from rival scientists (other players).

Azure Backend Design

Wits and Warfare uses the Microsoft Azure Platform as a backend service to store and process game and user data. There are 4 additional elements of the game that use Azure: Player data, game data, replay data, and trivia.

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