Codename Goa: The Ins and Outs

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@ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) is the man-in-the-know. He explains Codename Goa in more detail, the ins and outs, and shares tips on how to get going.

The Ins and Outs of Codename Goa

  • [00:09] What is "GOA"?
  • [00:41] What can I win? What are the prizes?
  • [01:06] What about the runners-up?
  • [01:40] What is the criteria to win?
  • [02:35] What platform can I build on?
  • [02:43] What are the dates for Codename Goa?
  • [02:52] What is the "interim proposal" competition?
  • [03:16] Can I enter as an individual or team?
  • [03:31] Who is eligible to participate?
  • [03:45] Does my game have to be a new game?
  • [03:56] Do I have to publish a full game?
  • [04:10] My game is not published yet, can I still participate?
  • [04:26] Do I have to enter the interim proposal competition?
  • [04:39] Who is "the crew" that can help me along the way?
  • [05:12] What are the next steps?

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