Module 11 Admin On Behalf Of (AOBO)

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Admin on behalf of (AOBO) is where an application created by the partner and registered in the Partner's Azure AD tenant that can perform administrative tasks on the customer's Azure AD tenant on behalf of the customer. For Office 365 this simply means that the partner can log in as themselves and have administrative access to their customers Office 365 tenant. This module describes how this works for Office 365 and for Microsoft Azure.


  • Admin on Behalf of (AOBO) Overview
  • AOBO for Office 365
  • AOBO for Microsoft Azure
  • AOBO Considerations with Custom Applications



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The Discussion

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    Christopher Richard


    Thank you for the information, this is well understood. and a great feature when a customer wants his support partner org to have full privileges on his workloads. But is a customer will like to keep this privileges to him self and use the partner support like it used in normal world of privacy and security. Making this mandatory for the incentive makes this very unfriendly to customers and puts him at risk. In the world with growing concerns of security and privacy a policy to incentive partners for support only if he is a an admin on the customer tenant is unacceptable and step against customer interest.

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