Maintain consistent machine configurations using PowerShell DSC and Chocolatey

Play Maintain consistent machine configurations using PowerShell DSC and Chocolatey

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    Useful information.

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    The content is interesting and I was generally able to follow, but these made it significantly more difficult:<br><br>- filler (uhhh, ummm, ahhh, mmm hmmm, etc.)<br>- interruptions (both of you spoke over each other at times)<br>- accents<br><br>For the first two, it would be a matter of reduction/elimination to improve the quality/coherency of the interview. The last won&#39;t readily change. All three could be helped by closed captions. Channel 9 has supported closed captions for a while now, and Scott Hanselman wrote a good blog on why to caption.

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    @regexaurus:Thanks for the feedback! They're valid points and we'll use them to get better. We're also close-captioning our videos now. First one with CC is the video with Jeffrey Opdam about ChatOps Bot for VSTS (Dutch video with English CC). 

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