mvcConf 2 - Ashic Mahtab: CQRS and Event Sourcing with MVC 3

Play mvcConf 2 - Ashic Mahtab: CQRS and Event Sourcing with MVC 3

The Discussion

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    Marcel Popescu

    Fantastic video... thank you. I've been trying to get started with CQRS, but never understood how all the parts work together. This clarified it a lot.

    One question: I want to write a multiplayer game (text-based, turn-based) and I need a timer (the players have a limited time to decide on their move). I can probably figure out a way to generate commands each seconds, but how do I use the framework to retrieve all the appropriate aggregates that are supposed to handle the "clock tick" command? I can't wrap my head around this. (I understand how a command will retrieve one aggregate, but I will have multiple ongoing games, and all of them need to find out if the move time has expired.)

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    Great video. Nice simple example, and it would be useful to have it for download!

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    Awesome! Very inspiring, made me thing different about all software I wrote in the last few years.

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