mvcConf 2 - Chris Bannon: Putting the V in MVC

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MVC gives us total control over markup in ASP.NET. Or in other words, you better learn how to turn HTML into something pretty. Luckily, there is a great framework to help us out: jQuery UI! We will take a look at using jQuery UI to do exactly that. We will start with simple HTML markup and transform it into interactive widgets with very little code. jQuery UI widgets add style and behavior to otherwise drab markup without changing its semantics. We will also look at Wijmo, a new toolkit that extends jQuery UI. Wijmo brings over 30 widgets to jQuery UI from Menus to SVG Charts, 18 of which are Open Source. Both jQuery UI and Wijmo can take your Views from boring to brilliant in ASP.NET MVC. After this session you will be ready to start putting the V in MVC!

Recorded live via Live Meeting as part of mvcConf 2



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      The video stops after less than a minute of playing.  I tried downloading and it starts very fast then slows down and aborts after less than 10MB.

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      1 day ago, jvanderh wrote
      The video stops after less than a minute of playing.  I tried downloading and it starts very fast then slows down and aborts after less than 10MB.
      Is this problem fixed yet? 

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      @jvanderh: which version did you download (WMV/MP4 etc.)?

      I'm unable to reproduce the issues you're seeing... can you provide some more info please?

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      @nic: What's the resolution of the High Quality MP4 version? Isn't there a high quality wmv version? Thank you.

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      I've had the same problem downloading the high quality MP4.

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      Hi Nic,
      After seeing your video, I was looking in wijmo then one thing caught my eye is that wijmo support IE6+ but their widgets don’t work in IE6. I opened this link using IE6 then I get lots of unusual behaviors. Like : when I click  tooltip the layout bakes and tooltip look odd, but it work in IE8 like a charm. In Grid view the row hovering is not working etc……
      So, should I assume that wijmo is not supported in IE6. I know that IE6 is trouble but there are lot’s of client who uses IE6 with Win XP still.

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      Chris Bannon

      Imrul, all widget do support IE6. There is an issue on the website we are working out. Thanks for pointing it out! If you want to see the demo's without issue you can download the package or see it live here: and here
      Shoot us an email if you need any more help or see any other issues Imrul:
      Thanks again -Chris

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      Wouter Hendrickx

      Great presentation. I really like the decoupling between data and presentation achieved using jQuery UI (and Wijmo in this case). Something I must look into in more detail!

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      The Example at 00:38 is very useful. I think that the most data visualization problems should be responsibility of UI layer and javascript is a powerful tool at doing that, it should be used a lot more

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