mvcConf 2 - Eric Sowell: Evolving Practices in Using jQuery and Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Applications

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Since ASP.NET MVC was released, many of us have found that Ajax-rich applications are easier than ever to build on the ASP.NET platform. Over time I have learned some techniques and better practices through trial-and-error and the advice of smart developers. In this session I will show you things I have learned and practices I have started using more consistently in my own projects, at work and on the side, to build better, more consistent and more re-usable ajax functionality into my sites.

Recorded live via Live Meeting as part of mvcConf 2


Ajax, ASP.NET, jQuery, MVC



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The Discussion

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    Fantastic presentation.  I will definitely be adopting some of these practices and using them in my next project!

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    Paul Comanici (darkyndy)

    Instead of using Fiddler is much easier to use a real browser that offers good debugging tools like FireFox with FireBug or Google Chrome that has incorporated Developer Tools and on NET tab you can see every request with all data that you need.

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    akber ali

    An excellent presentation. I give you 5/5. keep up the good work

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