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mvcConf 2 - Glenn Block: Take some REST with WCF

53 minutes, 2 seconds


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In WCF, we’re serious about HTTP and we’re serious about REST. We’re making deep investments in WCF to provide more natural support for HTTP and for building RESTful systems. If you want to exposing your APIs in a web friendly manner that leverages all the richness, scale and evolve-ability that HTTP has to offer then this talk is for you.

Recorded live as part of mvcConf 2


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  • Kamran AyubKamran Ayub

    This is really, really cool. I don't know enough about other MVC REST packages to compare this against, but I really like what I see.
    I have not yet looked at the sample, but for Atom/RSS feeds, I'd ideally want to set what fields get to be the pub date, title, content, etc. in addition to that custom namespace I saw in the video (m:properties). I hope we can do that; I assume we can.

  • Glenn BlockGlenn Block

    Hi Kamran
    Glad you like what you are seeing.
    The sample Is showed was using a new library which returns OData (which derives from Atom). It allows you full control of the other fields.
    The mechanism itself allows you to return whatever you want however, so you could use a SyndicationFeed for example in a custom formatter instead of the OData library if you just want pure Atom.
    I am planning to make the sample available hopefully this weekend, I just need to muster the energy to write the blog post.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • AlexeiAlexei

    Where i may find source code from your talk?

  • We currently use WCF / WIF (SSO) for our SOAP API.  Would love to use it for a REST api as well.  Does WCF offer a binding that supports both WIF/SSO and REST?  If not, is this on the radar?

  • JayJay

    This looks exciting! I would like to try out  the WCF REST sample based on the MVC music store.  Where is your source code? I can't wait to get my hands-on mixing WCF REST, MVC, and Odata feed, and JQuery AJax.  These are my favorate MS technologies, along with EF codefirst.  I highly appreciate your effort to release this WCF REST soon.

  • Guys, I am working on getting the souce out there. There was an issue regarding the OData pieces, as the lib was no availalble to be released. As it is now out there on Codeplex, I am working on getting this done.

    Thanks for your patience!


  • @scott_m we are working with the WIF team to integrate our new web apis for things like OAuth. Shoot me a mail with your scenarios and I'll follow up.



  • JayJay

    Hi Glenn,
    Was this WCF REST released as a part of Visual Studio Service Pack 1?  Thanks.

  • Jay, no. The new web api has not shipped yet. It is still in development. You can get the latest community preview at wcf.codeplex.com.

  • Hi Glenn,

    I have been waiting for the MVC music store sample you used for the mvc conference.  Do you have the mvc music store sample code available? I really like like to use the WebAPI in my MVC application.  Thanks.

  • DenisDenis

    hi, i have tried this in a sample mvc3 project. The only problem is that am able to run and access the service when the application is configured to run in full trust but not under a medium trust environment.

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