mvcConf 2 - John Petersen: Intro to MVC 3

Play mvcConf 2 - John Petersen: Intro to MVC 3

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    Jesus. Stop Rambling! I couldn't listen to this for more than 10 minutes. There is just too much fluff and no content.

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    Not much content. As Alan said alot of ramblings.
    The demos were not very good and how they were presented.
    I wouldn't call this video "Intro to MVC 3".

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    I cannot agree with the posts above. I've got just enough to understand the upgrades made in this version of MVC(which is a lot better then seeking every improvement explained separately). Thanks for this video. Nicely sorted information with clear enough examples.

    Thanks a lot for this one.

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    Agree with Ross. Great video, the first 2 posters are obviously looking for a quick how do I do "x" video. I like the insight and explanations you provide along with your demos, while also explaining the tools and such that you're using (ie. net tab in firebug). Thanks for the video!

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    John Wigger

    I'm not sure why the harsh comments are here. It is an intro talk and does have 15 minute start to the talk that lays the background to where MVC 3 comes in. John even timeboxes this portion using a slide, so folks can move forward to the MVC-specific features! For an MVC 2 savvy developer, this portion of the talk can be skipped. I found John's examples to show cool features available with little effort (whetting appetite the way an intro talk should). The example of using Microsoft.Web.Helpers and its Twitter-related functionality in combination with the Razor view engine is a great MVC 3 motivator!

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