mvcConf 2 - Mitch Denny: Writing BDD-style Tests for ASP.NET MVC using MSTestContrib

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Learn how to write BDD-style tests for ASP.NET MVC using the light weight MSTestContrib library which augments the capabilities of MSTest. In this session you will learn the basics of organising a unit test assembly and importing the MSTestContrib assemblies using NuGet and structuring a BDD-style test using the framework. This session is great for people who have experience with unit testing who want to get started with BDD without having to completely change the way they write test code with Visual Studio 2010.

Recorded live via Live Meeting as part of mvcConf 2



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The Discussion

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    david wickens

    Great video.  I've been hitting my head against a wall this week on the best practices of using SpecFlow and Watin.

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