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A high level overview of data solutions from SQL to NoSQL and how to shift to multiple data sources.


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The Discussion

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    Could you please be a little more specific and give more examples?

    Especially for SQL DBs as you seem to imply they become the exception and NoSQL the norm.

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    @cedricmi:I just watched this video, and I can see where you are coming from. In the past several years I have rarely been on a project that didn't have a SQL Server as one component. However, during this time I have also been leveraging several other types of data for specific tasks. One thing that I do a fair bit of is, leverage something like table storage for the bulk data; but then aggregate the data and store it in SQL Server. This is a good way to lower the cost, but get that data into a relational database for reporting etc.

    Mainly what I want to say is don't choose one over the other; choose the data storage system by determining the nature of the data.

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