Software Development Fundamentals: (01) General Software Development

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The Discussion

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    This module helped me understand concepts like application specification and application life cycle which are included in the list of material necessary for this MTA exam. MSDN has articles on these issues but they are hard to understand.

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    I agree with Farhadw2000 - the material is well formatted and presented.  I've been involved in information systems (IT), for decades.  So little of this material is new to me; but rare to see it so well laid out.  

    The video format works well: providing the ability to pause and 'rewind' to concentrate on any point.

    The presenters stay on topic, don't waste time, and speak clearly.  I'd guess that someone new to the subject would get more from this video series than from most 'in-person', article based or video training presentations I've seen, for an overview such as this. 

    Of course, any presentation will be from a particular perspective.  Here, you'll get Microsoft's take on these concepts, other perspectives may differ.  At the very least, you get an idea of the terms used by Microsoft to express these concepts - and that will make it easier to assimilate what follows.

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