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Like many coders, Susan spent a lot of time cutting, copying, pasting, and moving code. So the ability to quickly select the code I want helps me code more efficiently. In this video, she shares a couple of keyboard shortcuts that can help you select exactly the code you want with the mouse or the keyboard.




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The Discussion

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    All advanced users knows this tricks from any other text editor. VS is not unique with this abilities)))

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    Thomas Levesque

    Yes, I use that all the time.

    I also love ReSharper's "CamelHumps" feature: when you use Ctrl + Shift+ arrow keys, instead of selecting whole words, it stops on every case change. IOW, if you're selecting the word "FooBarAccountManager", it will stop on each of the "words" inside the identifier (Foo, Bar, Account, Manager), allowing you to quickly select them individually.

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    @cyberVoodoo - Some of my tips will definitely be familiar to regular coders, but there are always new coders out there who need to know some of our favorite go-to tricks. Hopefully some of my other trips like how to customize search were new to you!

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    @Thomas - There are some awesome features in Resharper... I think I will have to do some more tips on things you can do with some of the add-ins for Visual Studio.

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    Nice, exactly what i looked for :)

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