Visual Studio Tip: Tracking Unfinished Code

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Rarely do we work on a single piece of code continuously until it is complete. Most of the time, we work on several pieces of code spread across different classes in bits and pieces and gradually put it all together. How do you keep track of the code you have to go back and update or complete? This tip shows you how you can use the Task List window in Visual Studio and comments in your code to easily track and navigate to your unfinished code.




The Discussion

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    This is a cool feature. Except in C++ it's useless. It only shows the comments of the document that has the focus.

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    Hi MikMik, 

    If you want this feature improved in C++ click on the speech bubble next to quick launch top corner of your Visual Studio window and send feedback to the Visual Studio team. They do read the feedback they get from developers.


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