Visual Studio Tip: Don’t Touch … Unless you want to, in which case go for it!

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Microsoft recently released the Visual Studio 2015 preview. So, naturally, I had to share a Visual Studio 2015 tip! With more and more of us using touch devices as our primary laptops for development, we find ourselves naturally reaching for the screen instead of the mouse. Well, the Visual Studio team has added some nice touch support features to the code editor in Visual Studio. Check it out! If you want to check out the Visual Studio 2015 Preview, you can download it at




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The Discussion

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    Geoff Stockham

    Hi, these tips are great, but the sound on all of them seems *really* quiet compared to other C9 videos. Any chance of boosting it a bit?

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    Duly noted - I do use a microphone, but I cold try to boost the volume on future recordings

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