Gaming Engines for Windows 8: (04) GameMaker by YoYo Games

Play Gaming Engines for Windows 8: (04) GameMaker by YoYo Games
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This module covers GameMaker essentials, including assets, objects, rooms, and configuration, and includes tutorials and demos.

  • [01:21] - GameMaker Essentials - Assets
  • [14:46] - GameMaker Essentials - Rooms, Objects, Configuration
  • [36:37] - Tutorials and Demos

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The Discussion

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    Nice one. Like the banter between you guys. Makes you seem like you really enjoy working with each other.

    I really like the simplicity of Construct 2 and in my humble opinion it has less of a learning curve than GameMaker in regards to the UI and how the events are designed.

    However, I do like the look and feel of GameMaker too, I can't wait to get home and kick of GameMaker tonight to mess around with the tutorials.

    Great video and as usual full of useful information.

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