10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs

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In this episode of 10-4, we introduce a new feature coming along with Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0: sentient DSLs. If you've become intrigued with all the hype around leveraging domain-specific languages, but you're concerned about the added complexity that comes with having to learn a bunch of different grammars, then sentient DSLs are for you. Write the code that you think makes sense, and allow the application to create itself. Coding should be fun, and most importantly, it should be easy.

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The Discussion

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    very unknown indeed.... Wink
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    well played
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    This is so full of win, love it Smiley
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    Lisa Feigenbaum
    Yikes, I need to view this in full-screen. This background is making me dizzy! Smiley

    Way to go, Jon!
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    Dr Herbie
    Thank god, I thought for a minute there it was the birth of Skynet.
    Big Smile
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    I for one welcome the new Skynet Overlords!
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    build net4
      price = free,
      douwnload_automatically = true,
      compile_and_debug_all_my_old_apps = true
      call_me_when_complete = true,
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    haha very well played Smiley
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    I downloaded the sample app and typed "fix global financial meltdown".  It build successfully and outputed all the appropriate files.  However this morning when I looked at my stock portfolio I was still dead in the water.  Is there a compiler switch I forgot to set?
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    Please remember that this is a CTP of Sentient DSL's, so your results may vary... you might want to consider logging an official bug on Connect.Microsoft.com.

    Meanwhile, if you want to try out the Sentient DSL's SDK then you might be able to fix this yourself.


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    You guys know that all this is actually possible Big Smile
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    Hi Jonathan and team,
    It was very fun at the end Smiley...for a minute i thought what will happen to us, the developers...nicely done.
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    lol. So im just going through some 10-4 episodes and decided id like to hear about these things called 'sentient DSLs'. Watching the video, my jaw was dropping, thinking 'u cant be serious'. Well, rick rolled over a month later. Nice work Smiley
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    Sun has a working version, open sourced, dynamically linked, named Domain Specific Hibernation, that does that exactly, why do you think Oracle bought them?
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    I've got the VB version, I just dont know should I wrapp it with Begin / End

    Obamas Plan    
        Fix global warming
        End all wars
        Fix economy

    A friend of mine just recomended this post to me, and we're planning to leave programming hahaha.

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    Hmmm, I think this may actually be more efficient than the system I'm working on which will generate all possible code and then categorize the working applications.  There I go again thinking I've come up with something good and then along comes Microsoft...

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    Olivier Hamel

    Went browsing through the archives, and this caught my eye. Initially I thought I read 'sentient DLLs', and my first thought was "Good morning Dave.".

    Second thought after seeing this was "Nice sales pitch. Useless.". Third, "Amazing framework indeed. So flexible you'll hit a brick wall the second you try anything important.". And my final conclusion was that I was indeed rick rolled, I hadn't noticed the date and had considered this to be an actual episode.

    Tongue Out Well done!

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    This is the best programming video I have ever got. I am glad that Sentient DSL can finally solve the world hunger problem.

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    Somebody get this to Barak.  Quick! <g>

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    Hmm I think I found a bug in the OS generator:

    Awesome OS


      Theme = "Best of the best",

      Architecture = "Pan-Dynamic",

      User = ture,


    I compiled it ran it and it just tells me: '42'

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    cant find it in Beta 2 Wink

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    Downloaded Beta 2 and started working through all the 10-4 episodes... walked right into this one... Nicely done...

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    love this one

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