10-4 Episode 22: Simplifying Data-Driven Web Applications

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In this episode of 10-4, we discuss how the development of data-driven web applications has evolved in ASP.NET and how in the .NET Framework 4 it becomes even easier. Whether you're working on a new or existing application, getting your UI to light up model-level metadata/validation becomes as simple as a single line of code.

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The Discussion

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    What build of VS2010 was that demo using, the CTP. It didn't look like the beta 1 release

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    Hmm, nice but not all that different to Dynamic Data in ASP.NET 3.5 SP1. What I am looking for is localization of display names which is really a painful experience in the current release (3.5 SP1). Also, how do you rearrange the fields or columns, if you so desire? Currently, you need to do it manually by changing the order of the properties in the generated code, which is never good.

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     I wonder how and if any kinda game development is reflected in studio. Since the game industry is growing so fast, wouldnt it make since that it be reflected largely in studio?  I mean, this is kinda like a way to attach yourselves to that trend which IS expected and WILL grow much larger. With so many development tools, to me, it seems like that is a no-brainer*.  a studio?

    Maybe there's a simple way for developers, pro and ameratur*, to post games in a site maintained by you guys? kinda like 2flash..i think..but better cause ya'll are doing it. Ppl want office stuff, convience stuff, web stuff, and a playground, so there should've been a response a while ago. To match that, there should be stuff for office developement, stuff made for convience, and game development  OO and even a music thing then etc.. a studio.

    Maybe even with a language ppl are familiar* with like vb or c or something. You guys better have a response to that elephant sized ape in the room. Games are taking over as primary entertainment in lots of homes.

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    Cool! I've been waiting for this feature for a long time! How much code is this going to save? Allot.

    It's still kinda clunky to marry the form up with the metadata buddy class, it would be nice if the form had an extra property that guided it to the buddy class instead of having to work out how to do it in code. Now all we need is a nice editor!

    I've been enjoying these 10-4 shows, keep it up!


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    Buddy classes make me cry.

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    A good portion of what I did is indeed available in .NET 3.5 SP1 (mainly the data annotations). Basically my main focus of this episode was to highlight the new "single line of code" approach, and then scope it with the context for those that aren't familiar with Dynamic Data at all.

    Good news for you: the data annotations are localizable, and you can specify the order in which columns appear without having to worry about the physical order of the properties in the entity classes. Email me (joncart at microsoft dot com) and I'll get you some samples of this.

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    They make us all cry. It is a "solution" for a problem that is a "solution" for another problem Smiley Getting away from generated code is the best answer.

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    This experience will get much better Smiley

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    What ???

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    ISTM that it would be nice if the scaffolding could pick up on this stuff from Sql Server. For example, if the field is "Not Null" then the form should default to "[Required]." This would not have the result of making it SS specific, since you would only be supplying a different default, if nothing is specified. This would have the result of it being possible to make an instant app with no programming.


    This was a very useful presentation. Kudos and thanks.

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