10-4 Episode 30: Database Schema Extensibility

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Visual Studio Team System 2005 saw the introduction of the Team Edition for Database Professionals product, which allows database developers to perform such functions as version control, unit testing, test data generation, refactoring and more against SQL Server databases. In Visual Studio Team System 2010, Microsoft made this area of the product extensible in order to support 3rd party databases. Quest Software is hard at work on a database schema provider to support Oracle database development from within Visual Studio Team System 2010.

In this 10-4 episode I sat down with Daniel Norwood of Quest Software to get an early look at "Project Fuze."

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The Discussion

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    What happened to the sound?

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    Are your speakers muted? Smiley There appears (or sounds, to be exact) to be no problem with the audio.


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    No, I just watched another video on here and it was fine.  However, when I try to watch this one, I get no sound.  Weird.

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    I've heard a few others make hte same comment. I was using Chrome [gasp!] and it works. Otheres were using Firefox and got no sound. Are you using IE?

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    Yes, I am actually using IE 8.

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    Works over here on IE 8.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Well, prior to a "Fuzed" world, devs worked independent of DBAs often building apps with the assumption that database side object support will be backfilled to meet the needs. DBAs should be pleased to know that apps will now be built and maintained and that database objects are kept at the forefront of the dev process. At any time, a DBA can see what the version controlled object set looks like.


    As far as any new, nifty features that Project Fuze will bring to the table... we currently have a visual table editor and some SQL editor improvements, but most of the work right now is focused on building parity with the SQL DB support. We have a list of many other things that we want to add to Project Fuze to take it beyond parity, but we're probably looking at a v2 for these things, I would imagine. Who knows... maybe we'll get a few into v1. Time will tell.  Wink

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    No sound neither on FF, nor on IE8. Other video work well. What the heck.

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    I did not have sound either, but downloaded the WMV and that had the sound. HTH



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