10-4 Episode 36: Windows Server AppFabric and Workflow Services Lab

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Have you heard about the new Windows Server AppFabric?  In this episode we take you through the new Beta 2 version of the Introduction to Workflow Services Hands On Lab in .NET 4 which now includes a look at portions of Windows Server Application Fabric.

Look for this lab in the next update to the Visual Studio 2010 training kit and Visual Studio 2010 learning center on Channel 9.



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The Discussion

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    Several people have been asking for the lab content.  It isn't finalized yet but if you want to test out the beta version of the lab you can download it from here (removed - use the released version from the Visual Studio 2010 training kit instead).

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    The January Release of the Visual Studio 2010 training kit is now available including this Workflow Services lab.  Be sure to download it today!

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    hi ron


    I have installed the January release of the Visual Studio 2010 training kit. I still do not find the IntroToWFServices labs. Please let know where I can download the source to the lab.


    On the topic of workflow services, Im investigating how to screenflow a silverlight application. I need to persist the workflow so that a user can continue with the flow at a later stage.


    Is workflow services a technology that I should use for this purpose?


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    Hi everyone,

    I can’t find any tutorials for WF Services in the training kit 2010 of January.

    Can anyone send me a link ?

    Any more important guides to WF Services ?


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    Check the February Release of the VS2010 Training Kit

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