10-4 Episode 38: What's New with WCF4 - Simplified Config

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    okay guys. something is wrong here. I cannot find any simple videos on the entire Internet about using this huge program. a couple of kids are attempting to teach on YouTube but this acronym soup, start in the middle thing seems to be ubiquitous. where can I find the simple 1-2-3 videos on msdn like you guys have for Visual Studio 2008?

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    Which program are you referring to?  VS2010?  WCF?


    If you are talking about WCF you might want to check out The Total Noob's guide to WCF

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    I hope this simplicity is duplicated client side coz I know a lot of people complained in .NET 3/3.5 about the bloat. I also know that apart from setting debug to "true", I only ever interacted with the WCF part in the web config, so this cleans things up quite nicely.


    Please keep the WCF stuff coming Ron.


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    Very cool demo.  I'm glad to see that the config is pared down.

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    Ben Hayat

    Hi Ron, can you provide somee info on the Microphone you're using? Name, Model, where to get and maybe website?



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    I can't believe that's it!

    Are you telling me the most ineteresting feature in WCF 4 is that it's easy to set up again, as it was back in good old asmx web services times?


    Kinda disappointing Sad


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    Hey Darren,


    Don't worry about WCF right now -- you've got a big game against your old team, Minnesota, and your old QB (Favre) coming up. Concentrate on that for now!

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    I'm not saying that is the most interesting feature.  But it is a very important one.  Most people consistently complained that the config for WCF was too complicated.  So in the spirit of "less is more" the team is responding.


    WCF4 also includes enhancements such as Routing, Discovery and REST enhancements.  We will have more these to come or you can check out my other show endpoint.tv for more.

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    I use a Countryman Microphone (don't recall the model #).  But the reason that the audio sounds good is that I use Adobe Soundbooth to clean it up, EQ et and make it sound sweet.

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    Great show, Ron

    But I got some concerns..

    For the people who were already  working with WCF this feature is like: great for simple things I don't need to specify anything anymore. If we want to do more advanced things, we will still go for a full fledged web.config.

    For the people who aren't experienced with WCF this feature is like: wow so that's how easy it is to create a WCF service. But if they need to do more advanced things. Will they not miss the basic concept of ABC and all the more advanced options that you can set in WCF? They would still need to go on the web and do searches on these things.


    So it's a great feature, no doubt about it but I think it will mostly be used to quickly setup a simple WCF service.


    Please, correct me if I see this incorrectly.

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