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10-4 Episode 7: No More Planning Black Box

14 minutes, 32 seconds


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In this episode of 10-4, we look at how Team Foundation Server 2010 will help you more easily plan the work and iterations which make up your project. We'll first examine the new work item hierarchy which supports such relationships as parent/child and successor/predecessor. Then we'll look at how Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project can interact with Team Foundation Server 2010. Finally we'll plan an iteration using the new iteration planning workbook.

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10-4! Over and out!


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  • Herbie SmithDr Herbie Not dead yet.
    Episode 7?  What happened to episode 6?  Did I miss something?

    EDIT: Never mind -- C9 appears to be playing tricks on me today, episode 6 is in the list now ... and i have watched it! 

  • MathieuRhapsody In Metal We Trust
    Here's episode 6: http://channel9.msdn.com/tags/10-4/ 
  • Phew - you made me nervous before I read your edit. Wink

    Of course, we could do this Pulp Fiction style and go in random order. Hmm...
  • Martin Ennemosermawcc Make it so
    No Episode 6 for me on that page...

    Edit: After several refreshes it finally showed up.
  • Herbie SmithDr Herbie Not dead yet.
    Well, I got nervous myself, having just watched the documentary "Terry Prattchet: Living with Alzheimers" last night I was starting to wonder whether I was completely healthy ...

  • Hmm - I'll let the dev team know. I know that they were rolling out some changes to the Shows area earlier this week, so maybe this is an artifact.
  • Hello, I really liked this presentation, I love that TFS 2010 will bring to us.

    However, since the first version of TFS, I havent seen spanish version of the project guidance.  I would like to see the document templates, etc in Spanish too.

    Will you have it available as separate downloads? or will the user have to translate it.!!

    I can translate it for  a small ammount of dollars Smiley

  • Santosh Benjaminsantosh_b Benjy

    I had this issue with missing episodes too. Basically if you look at the Tags page : http://channel9.msdn.com/tags/10-4/  (with the thumbnails/icons view, then Episodes 6 and 12 are not there, but if you look at the list on the shows page : http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/10-4/  then you can see them  Scared


    nice video but in description you say you will show us how to use MS Excel and MS Project with TFS 2010.


    There is NO MS project usage in your video. Only Excel.


    Why in the earths name are we so focused to do planning in Excel when we have MS Project for that ??

  • Hello,

    Is it just me having a very bad audio on this video? tried in media player and silverlight but no luck

  • fewjijfewjij


  • gewgew

    a moment ago

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