10-4 episode 19: Service Discovery with WCF

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WCF in .NET 4 includes an implementation of the WS-Discovery protocol.  Sounds exciting right?  Actually it is very cool because it allows you to build applications and services that can discover other services using UDP multicast messages or via a discovery proxy.  In this episode I'll walk through the Service Discovery lab where we build a messenger style application I call "ChatWOW".  In this lab you will see how to make your service discoverable and how you can discover other services.  Later when Beta 1 is released, you can try it yourself.

Update: The WCF/WF4 Training Kit is now live at https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wcfwf4 so you can try it yourself.

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The Discussion

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    Everybody is working hard on getting the beta 1 release ready.  Hopefully you should have it "soon" Wink


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    Great video. How did he type in so many code within a second? He did it so many times, which was impossible using system clipboard.

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    Very fast fingers....

    I edited out a great deal of the typing and copy/paste to keep the video length reasonable.  The first draft of it was nearly an hour long.

    When beta 1 is released you will be able to see the code and lab document this video was based on so I felt that watching me type it at normal speed wouldn't be worth the length.

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    Very interesting, i would love to use this in a project that will be completed by the end of April 2010.... any chance .NET 4 will be released by febraury?

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    Don't know about the release schedule for sure but I suspect that we will at least have something with a "go-live" license by then.

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    visual studio 2010 will release monday? send download url.

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    Anurag Pandit

    The WCF-Discovery team behind the technology displayed in the video has a blog here: https://blogs.msdn.com/discovery/Default.aspx

    Check it out for updates, relevant posts and/or to post some feedback!

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    Topic is very good and also presentation style. I like it.

    Thanks. Smiley

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    Any chance you can share out the demo project. I'd like to poke around a bit and it looks like a great starting point. 

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    Great video and fast paced, one way to save the amount of editing would be to create all the needed code and then delete parts going backwards to the desired starting point. Then as you want to progress just undo the last delete which will add in the next step, this assuming 2k10 allows post saving undo's so you can compile between each undo.

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    I just downloaded beta 2, and i will like poke around to see,as such can you share the source code?

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