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S01 E25: Five Things About CSS

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The Discussion

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    Wow! Finally someone who understands how a web page is built. Aimee is excellent and the banter is cool. Do more on this as there are many like Burke who have not guessed that all things HTML/CSS/JS are by design and (per Aimee) "mathematically determinant".

    Inquisitive minds want to know:
    Are computers mathematical objects/systems?
    Are programs?

    Please post list of best books on CSS. This seems to be the big hang-up as web resources are slim and the RFCs are boring and take too much time to digest.

    Thank you guys.

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    Great. Five things finally found a good speaker.


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    Web resources for CSS are slim? You must be using a different internet than the rest of the world. Anything that is related to web development can be found in huge abundance on the web. Type in CSS in Google and you'll have more than enough material to learn.

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