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Five Super-Secret Special Services for Building SPAs

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SSSSSSSSSSSSSingle Page Applications – they're applications with a single page (sometimes) and we build a lot of them in 2018. In this episode, Burke sits down with Asim Hussain to go over Five Super-Secret Special Services for Single Page Applications. This episode is all about services that you can use to speed up your app, scale like a pro and of course go to the top of Hacker news. Also, Burke eats a Dum Dum and Asim trims his beard.
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The Discussion

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    peter karl benz

    Firma zweistein, P.K.Benz, Erfinder der Digitalfilm-und Fotoentwicklung, weltweit, des IPhone, des Ebike, der Postbrieflesgerätes, der Atomchips für alle Machinenantriebe, Autos, Schiffe, Flugzeuge, u. Industriemachinen u.a.
    Akten am Patenamt Bern u. bei der CERN Genf ect.
    Freundliche Grüsse, P.K.Benz, ennetbürgen, 2. Nov. 2018 zweistein II

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    Son, it's me again, your dad. Didn't you promise me that you would become a serious developer when you were going to join Microsoft. Now you are still playing with Javascript, and call this software developement.
    Come on I've got enough explaining the neighbors that you just need some more time.

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