Five Things About Developing on a Mac

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Christina Warren joins John Papa to talk Five Things about developing on a Mac. They talk about the kind of hardware you need, software for web and Swift developers, CI/CD workloads on Azure and macOS, and containerizing all the things!


Links for the stuff mentioned:

Duet Display -- for turning your iPad into a secondary monitor for your Mac (or Windows) computer.

Swift Extension for VS Code  - Maintained Swift extension/debugger for VS Code

Visual Studio App Center and instructions on how to do your first build -- especially if you don't have all the hardware you need to test on.

Setting Up Azure Service Fabric on a Mac - Service Fabric doesn't run natively on a Mac, but with the power of Docker, you can get it running!

Docker Desktop - Containerize all the things with Docker and the Docker desktop app for macOS.


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The Discussion

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    Andrew Herrick

    Really appreciate the production quality of Five Things! Keep it up!

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    John Papa - you are remainder of all good things which were happening here, good to see you. You are avantgarde - those who took MS into shiny stage. Wish to see Erik Meijer and his team here.

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