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Five Reasons Why JavaScript Developers Should EVEN Care About .NET Core

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.Net Core?! But I'm a JavaScript developer! Who CARES ABOUT .NET?! Good question. In this episode of Five Things, Burke sits down with Jasmine Greenaway who thinks that you probably should care and gives you a few reasons why. Also, Burke wears a dum-dum behind his ear and Jasmine rattles off some impressive performance statistics. Check out the links below for more on .NET Core.

.NET Core
Raygun 200% Throughput Increase



The Discussion

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    Nice video,

    I prefer typescript and work on the vscode plugin for COBOL in my spare time, in the daytime I work for a COBOL language vendor.

    COBOL might not be a sexy language but it does have its appeal and uses.. especially when used with the .Net Framework or used in a scale out solution in Azure.

    Take a peek @ , you may be surprised :)


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    Bro! Put....your cup...DOWN.


    haha jk, awesome video guys. Love it.

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    Bishwendu Kundu

    Awesome vid.Hi, I wrote a REXX script to parse COBOL program and visualize the perform para branches or IMS calls in form of nodes and edges. Multiple COBOL programs that I had written were visualized using this tool in graphical network form. Dependency Visualization Tool.

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