Bring Anomaly Detector on-premises with containers support

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In the last episode of the AI Show we took a look at an amazing new service: the Azure Anomaly Detector. While these services are great, sometimes keeping everything local is a must given industry regulations, dealing with network latency, or you just want to have everything in-house. In this episode Qun Ying returns to describe how to bring this amazing service on premises using containers.

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The Discussion

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    Too quick to hit Enter!. It's "on-premises", not "on-premise"

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    @Chris: Great catch!!! Thanks for that - I've made the correction.
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    Great demo. I respect the concept of billing which requires internet connectivity. But, there could be on-premises (edge) scenarios where internet connectivity can not be guaranteed always.

    What will happen during such a scenario, will
    1. Anomaly Detector keeps detecting the anomalies and once the internet connection is reestablished upload the billing telemetry to Azure
    2. Stop detecting as soon as the internet disconnects. Once the internet connection is reestablished, start with real-time data.

    Ripin Aggarwal

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