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Data Labeling in Azure ML Studio

Play Data Labeling in Azure ML Studio
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This video talks about the new ML assisted data labeling capability in Azure Machine Learning Studio. You can create a data labeling project and either label the data yourself, or take help of other domain experts to create labels for you. Multiple labelers can use browser based labeling tools and work in parallel. As human labelers create labels, an ML model is trained in the background and its output is used to accelerate the data labeling workflow in various ways such as active learning, task clustering, and pre-labeling. Finally, you can export the labels in different formats.

[00:32] – Introduction to data labeling
[01:55] – Creating a data labeling project in Azure ML Studio
[11:30] – Labeling the data yourself
[13:40] – Adding other labelers to your data labeling project
[15:15] – Labeling from the labeler portal
[16:30] – What is coming in future

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